Las Vegas Web Design

Las Vegas Web Design

I'm a Las Vegas web designer who creates websites for new businesses and redesigns sites for companies that have an outdated or hard to use website.

I focus on developing easy to use websites, for both you and the visitors. From the site navigation to the presentation of written content, I design attractive websites that convey a company's image and message effectively.

My skills go beyond that of your standard web designer or web design agency, so I take on projects that range in size from simple to exceptionally complex. Accordingly, my programming and database mastery lets me develop unique web applications that will make your business run more efficiently and effectively.

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Web design the right way

Whether you've got a blank canvas or you're looking for a redesign of your current website, my knowledge and expertise in web design will ensure that you get precisely what you want. I code websites entirely by hand, so I write directly in the language web browsers and search engines read. Surprisingly, hand coding websites is also faster than using other types of web design tools or programs; and, hand coded websites load more quickly, have more design freedoms, and are more accessible. I can create websites for small companies, and I can build complex database-driven and interactive websites for larger businesses.

Why you should use me as your web designer

Most people in the web design industry are put into one of two categories. There is the graphic designer who is able to put a good-looking design in the form of a simple website on the internet. And then there is the web programmer who works with the raw code and can create amazing things, but he doesn't have an eye for design or skills in graphic design software. It's much rarer to find a web designer who is skilled in both areas, yet here I am.

It is for this reason that most web design agencies require teams of professionals to put your website together, which in turn, increases cost. I give you more bang for your buck, and I can help you realize exactly what you need and don't need in your website. I handle beautiful designs, custom-built web applications, search engine optimization and more. I won't hire third-party developers without you knowing about it, and I do not outsource any work to other countries.

Simple website design

It's tough to categorize websites, but it's important for you to know what type of website you want to have. The simplest of websites can be considered online brochures. They will consist of a home page, a few pages detailing your company and the services you offer, and a contact page with a web form. For websites like this, I usually charge a flat fee.

Interactive website design

If you desire a more interactive experience with your website's audience, my programming skills are up to whatever your needs may be. Nowadays, there are two forms of interactivity you have probably noticed while using other sites, and I've outlined both of them below.

Web programming

The backbone of interactive web design relies on PHP programming and usually uses a database to store information in. An example is a website that has a login/signup system. Your websites' users need to sign up and acquire a username and password to log in before they are given access to certain portions of your website.

Of course, that's a very simple example. I can take your big idea for a web application and design and develop it to the end.

When businesses here in Las Vegas have wanted me to develop a custom system for them, I offer to come in on weekdays and work in their office space. My hours are flexible and it's a great way to keep things moving fast.

Dynamic websites using JavaScript/Ajax

If you haven't heard of those web design terms before, don't worry. You've surely seen them in action on the internet even if you weren't aware of it at the time. JavaScript is flashier than PHP, but it can work in tandem with it to make your website or web application look and feel as polished as desktop software.

A great example of the power and flexibility of this method is Google Maps . All of the zooming in, panning and clicking on locations on the map is JavaScript in action.

Get more information about your project

Whether you live in Las Vegas or any other part of the world, here is an opportunity to have your website designed quickly, smartly, and perfectly. So you think I might be the right web designer for your project? Give me a call at (702) 508-8865 or send me an email . If you request a quote , I'll get back to you usually within a matter of hours.


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